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Establishing key learning areas for the Microfinance Institutions representing the industry in the Pacific region

Design and develop learning courseware and study material for Certified Microfinance Professional Program

LEVEL-1Frontline Officers (Admin Assistant, Cashiers, Tellers, Credit Staff, Accountants, Sales/Customer Service

•       Fundamentals of Microfinance-2 days

•       Business Accounting for MF-3 days

–      40 Questions Exam

•       Essential Skills for MF Lending officers-3 days

•       Customer Service in MF-2 days

–      40 Questions Exam

•       MF Products -3 days

•       MF Financial Management-2 days

–      40 Questions Exam

–      Level 1 Case Study

LEVEL-2Middle Managers, Credit Staff, Customer Service

•       Operational Risk Management -1 day

•       Loan Assessments monitoring and recovery 1 day

•       Management Information System and Reporting-1 day

•       Delinquency Management-2 days

–      40 Questions Exam

–      Level 2 Case Study

LEVEL-3–  Top Management, Board Members

•       Strategic Business Planning -1 day

•       Financial Management-1 day

•       Ratio Analysis-1 day

•       Regulatory Compliance and Reporting – 1 day

•       Corporate Governance-1 day

            40 Questions Exam

Client: Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion

Design the online courses in banking and finance for IBBM E-Learning Centre the first of its kind in the Pacific region

Innovation: Partnered with KESDEE as international partners as world’s largest financial service provider in e-learning

Customization: customized all products and modules available at KESDEE to PNG market needs and requirements

Product Launch Strategy: Launch Plan, Promotional Budget and schedule

Communication Strategies: Creating awareness, selling a new concept, Messaging by Audience, educating the customer

Other promotions: Direct Marketing, Third-Party Marketing, Describe co-marketing arrangements with other companies, Marketing Programs, other promotional programs.

COURSES 750 accredited e-learning courses on various topics in Banking, Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Risk Management.

Core Banking Concepts

Core Financial concepts

Finance and Accounting

Bank Branch management

Operational Risk Management

Market Risk Management

Corporate Treasury Management

Bank Balance Sheet Management

Banking Regulations, Basel I, Basel II & Basel III

Operations and Compliance

Insurance Global

Financial Markets

Credit Risk Management


Client: IBBM E-Learning Centre

Partner: Kesdee, California