Partnerships Management

The easier way to manage Partnerships across the enterprise

Partnerships Manageent @Intellisys is a simple platform to manage complex multi-stakeholder Partnerships on one platform

With Intellisys, all the contacts are on one platform where multiple stakeholders can access, review and manage workflow, approvals efficiently.

Increase Revenue “Close more deals, faster by using pre-approved contracts to remove legal delays. Intellisys enables you to collaborate on a contract directly.

Achieve Flawless, Efficient Compliance: Gain perfect compliance by guaranteeing all processes are respected in the contract lifecycle. Concord automates the processes for all contracts in one place.

Drive Scalability: Optimize spend with the ability to renegotiate ahead of time. Concord gives visibility into the status and renewal date of all contracts and accelerates the buying cycle.


Contracts Accelerated = Growth Unleashed.


Accelerated Efficient Business Processes via Contracts Management

Management: End to end Partnerships Management


CENTRAL REPOSIToRY: All your documents, all in one place

DEADLINE AND RENEWAL ALERTS: Never miss another deadline or renewal with automatic deadline alerts and reports

ANALYTICS & REPORTING:Get comprehensive insights into your entire Partnerships portfolio.

TAGGING AND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Always know exactly how many documents you have and what stage they’re in.

AUDIT TRAIL: Know the complete history of all changes, comments, and suggestions made on every document including who made it, who accepted, and when.

Stakeholder Management: Analytical Reporting on Dashboards

Stakeholder APPROVAL WORKFLOWS:Workflows make it easy to update approvals and automatically push updates to everywhere in seconds.
ADVANCED ACCESS CONTROL AND USER PERMISSIONS: Maintain granular control of your data and access rights to protect confidentiality and mitigate risk.
Reporting TEMPLATES: Generate a contract with a click and communicate the latest version to all the right people in seconds.

Intuitive Collaboration: Using Cloud

ONLINE EDITING AND NEGOTIATION WITH TRACK CHANGES: Redline and edit your contracts online, directly in the document, with all changes tracked.
DISCUSSION PANEL: Get agreements faster by discussing either privately with colleagues or publicly with third parties, all within the platform

Execution: ELectronic Signatures

VERSION CONTROL: View all versions of a document in chronological and quickly compare previous versions.
ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES:Get contracts and agreements signed faster and eliminate the need to download or email a document back-and-forth.